Believe Campaign Intro

From January to August of 2017, we are studying BELIEVE as a whole church. All ages are invited to join us as we journey together through the principle tenants of the Christian faith. Both Sunday morning services and small groups throughout the week will focus on the chapter of the week. So grab a book, join a small group, and come with us as we seek to be more like Christ in 2017!
What you believe drives everything. The way you behave, the habits you form, the character that defines you at your core - all are driven by what you believe. It's not enough to believe something as the right answer; you must believe it as a way of life.
This section helps us understand the key beliefs of Christianity that, when embraced in the mind and heart, create true change in our individual lives, in the church, and in the world.
10 Key Beliefs
                                                       God                          Personal God
                                                  Salvation                          The Bible
                                            Identity in Christ                      Church
                                                 Humanity                        Compassion
                                                Stewardship                         Eternity
Understanding what you believe is just the beginning. To become like Jesus, your beliefs need to not only inform you but also transform you. It is the practices of reaching up to God and out to others that drives beliefs from your heard... to your heart.
This section teaches us the life-giving spiritual disciplines that will lead you in fulfilling your mission to love God and love your neighbor.
10 Key Practices
                                               Worship                                    Prayer
                                            Bible Study                       Single-Mindedness
                                        Total Surrender                     Biblical Community
                                          Spiritual Gifts                        Offering My Time
                                  Giving My Resources                  Sharing My Faith
Jesus wants us to bear fruit that glorifies God and brings great joy to us and to others. For this to happen, we must remain in Christ and the longer we remain in community with Christ, the more spiritual fruit, or virtues, we will produce.
This sections illuminates the virtues - the outward life changes in us - that are formed by the 10 beliefs and cemented through the 10 practices. It is a grand cycle that shapes us into the image of Christ more and more every day.
10 Key Virtues
                                              Love                                          Joy
                                             Peace                                 Self-Control
                                              Hope                                     Patience
                                   Kindness/Goodness                    Faithfulness
                                         Gentleness                                 Humility
 BELIEVE Schedule
Jan 9- 1501 - God
Jan 16-2202 - Personal God
Jan 23-2903 - Salvation
Jan 30-Feb 504 - The Bible
Feb 6-1205 - Identity in Christ
Feb 13-1906 - The Church
Feb 20-2607 - Humanity
Feb 27-Mar 508 - Compassion
Mar 6-1209 - Stewardship
Mar 13-1910 - Eternity
Mar 20-2611 - Worship
Mar 27- Apr 212 - Prayer
Apr 10-16EASTER
Apr 17-2313 - Bible Study
Apr 24-3014 - Single-Mindedness
May 1-715 - Total Surrender
May 8-1416 - Biblical Community
May 15-2117 - Spiritual Gifts
May 22-2818 - Offering My Time
May 29-June 419 - Giving My Resources
June 5-1120 - Sharing My Faith
June 12-1821 - Love
June 19-2522 - Joy
june 16-July 223 - Peace
July 3-924 - Self-Control
July 10-1625 - Hope
July 17-2326 - Patience
july 24-3027 - Kindness/Goodness
Aug 1-628 - Faithfulness
Aug 7-1329 - Gentleness
Aug 14-2030 - Humility